Loss-of-Breath-by-Edgar-Allan-PoeEdgar Allan PoE wrote the story “Loss of Breath” as a satirical parody of the stories published in the magazine Blackwood. This he says in his letter to John Kennedy, 11 February 1836. It seems that the concept of this story reminds of the story “Nose” of the notorious Gogol.

It is not a copy and not a clone, but reading “Loss of Breath” the thought never leaves the reader. Judge for yourself, it’s just a hallucination. in the detailed explanations of the throw is not necessary, as boring. And the story interesting. While reading it was fun as hell, sometimes so much that you do not understand what is happening and have to reread the paragraph. In some places the plot is very rapidly developing, which is not a bad thing. Overall, this story left a good feeling.

The story is very in the style of Edgar Allan PoE. About the life of one man who turned his life and everyone around me. The story is about alcoholism, which brings the person before the transformation into a creature of the wild , but not unsympathetic. The degradation of personality. Mad. About cruelty. With a stroke raised the topic of marriage with an alcoholic. Why do women live with it? She’s seen what he becomes. Out of pity or laziness, or from internal masochism. Yes, they don’t need female compassion. It’s their choice. And if you , as a spouse, the choice share, and receive well on the neck. This is the story of a terrible murder. This is a story about a mysterious black cat, who avenged themselves and the hostess. Evil is punishable. Do not drink alcohol!

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