graf-leo-tolstoy-war-and-piace-epub-mobiLeo Tolstoy, in his novel seeks reveal the essence of history, to explore the depths of personal existence. In this quest he comes to the description of the epoch of the Patriotic War of 1812.


In the description of this war, when the whole Russian nation is uniting to protect from Napoleon’s armies, Tolstoy reveals the character of the Russian people. This large work is the story of the lives of individuals and families is intertwined with the history of the entire nation, the common national life.

Leo Tolstoy shows all the cruelty and senselessness of war , trying to find the cause of these inhuman killings. Although he understands that the reasons for these endless. And that all people together make history , and not the top of society, not the emperors, who, as we think, control the masses.

Tolstoy also tries to allocate a special influence – the will of God, which clearly defines many of the events.

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War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy
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Novel of Count Leo Tolstoy (including the epilogue) covers the entire 15 years of life in Europe and Russia. Although this work was written about 150 years ago, the people at this period of time not much had changed.

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