Great Expectations Synopsis

In this novel by British Author Charles Dickens a boy named Pip lives with his sister and her blacksmith husband Joe. His sister treats him very strictly, and physically abuses him. However, Pip and Joe are friends.

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One Joe’s uncles – Mr. Pumblechook – announces that Miss Havisham is looking for a partner for games for his adopted daughter Estella, and so sometimes Pip just have to visit Miss Havisham. On reaching the house he sees a very strange scene: at the table sits a woman in a yellowed wedding dress, and the house looks gloomy and not comfortable, had the feeling that time has stopped. Also, he meets with the girl Estella, which falls in love at first sight, and which for a long time after these events, will rule over his heart.

After exploring the house and its strange inhabitants, our hero dramatically changed outlook on life. Previously, he believed that working as a blacksmith, he approached the independent life, now he simply began to feel ashamed of this craft. And once Pip suddenly has the chance to become a gentleman, get an education, to leave the village and begin to metropolitan life when a secret benefactor has left him an inheritance.

The story is on behalf of the main character Pip. In the novel, he remembers everything that happened to him, and now sees his mistakes and regrets them.

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens
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About the book Charles Dickens “Great expectations” written a lot. It is believed that this book is the pinnacle of writing skill of the author, and start reading most fans of Dickens rightly have high hopes that I will get the pleasure of reading the works of one of the great English classics.

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