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The Little Prince, despite being a book advertised for children, can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages. Following an airplane pilot who crash lands in the Sahara Desert, this book takes readers on a journey of a narrator and a strange desert companion, aptly named the Little Prince, who fills the pilot’s time with stories of those he has encountered on his excursions throughout Earth, and other planets.

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Synopsis continued

Crash landing in the Sahara Desert, an airplane pilot is forced to try to survive on his own. Or so he believes until he runs into a boy who is apparently not of the pilot’s home-world.

The little boy, referred to as “the little prince” tells the pilot stories of those he has encountered, beginning with his friendship with a rose on his home asteroid. And ending off with describing a series of strange characters.

Throughout his journey, the boy had met many individuals, all of whom had unique characteristics and who taught the boy things, from important worldly concepts to minuscule ideas.

The pilot and the boy survive together. With the little prince telling his story and the pilot fixing his plane. Until the pilot’s plane is repaired, and the boy decides to go back home to see his beloved rose once again by way of a crafty snake.

Beginning with a fateful meeting, and closing off with an ending that leaves readers wanting more, The Little Prince is a must-read for all ages!



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