‘The Razor’s Edge Synopsis

The theme of finding his true “I” was raised Maugham in his works repeatedly. This was also the case in the novel The Burden of the Passions of Man, and in the novel “The Moon and the Pitt.” But, perhaps, it was in the novel “The Razor’s Edge” that Maugham was the best able to reflect all the problems of spiritual growth of an individual in a society that requires a person functions of a banal battery.

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The Razor's Edge by William Somerset Maugham

In the novel, the author appears in the role of a wise and ironic observer, who through his “x-ray” view shines through the motivations, thoughts and actions of the acting heroes of the book. In the center of the narrative is a young guy named Larry, who recently returned to peaceful life in the US after participating in the fields of Europe in the First World War. After experiencing an internal shock from the daily observation of the death of young and healthy people in the merciless meat grinder of war (again the principle of awareness of the fact of death as a stimulus for positive changes in life!), Larry begins to ask philosophical and indigestible for most people questions about life and death, the role of God, about religion, etc. Moreover, these emotional torments impose an imprint on his everyday life, forcing not to see the meaning in everyday life.

Maugham writes very simply about rather complicated things, with a fair amount of ironic humor. There is in this its own charm. Things, events, characters, imprinted on the pages of the book acquire a special “moemovskuyu” accessibility for understanding. He, like an experienced surgeon, laconically and accurately moves his “scalpel” reveals the inner world of heroes in such a way that they become familiar and understandable to the extent that the reader usually knows the real people close to him.


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