The Great Gatsby Synopsis

Released in 1925, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is a novel set in Long Island, NY. The Novel is told by the narrator, Nick Carraway. Who interacts with a mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby. The story is a tale of Gatsby’s obsession with trying to reunite with his former lover Daisy Buchanan.

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The Great Gatsby

Inspired by a youthful romance Fitzgerald once had with a Manhattan socialite Ginevra King. And the riotous parties they would attend in the North Shore of NY. Fitzgerald completed the draft of the Gatsby following a move to the French Rivera. Completed in 1924, after several revisions, Fitzgerald was satisfied with the work.

Following the publication by Scribner in 1925 it retrieved many favorable reviews. Though some critics said that it was not as good as Fitzgerald’s other works.

The Great Gatsby was a commercial disappointment and sold fewer than 20,000 copies by October, and Fitzgerald’s hopes of a monetary windfall from the novel were unrealized. Upon his passing in 1940, Fitzgerald saw himself as a failure.

The Great Gatsby- By: Scott Fitzgerald
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