The Vision by Dean Koontz

The-Vision-by-Dean-KoontzThis book tells the story of how a psychic helps the police track down killers. Clairvoyance she gained after surviving the childhood trauma. It seemed to her that when she was 6-year-old girl, over her cruelly outraged gardener. Such memories were stored in her head.

However, if she was not mistaken that this event was the place to be, then it is obviously wrong in the person who did it. As we read the book, the author brings us to the fact that we begin to suspect one very close character of a man in terrible crimes. But be careful! The author clearly wants to confuse the reader. Well, interesting, exciting book, a mixture of psychology, mysticism and maniacs. On one beloved writer haves became more.

Big plus-the killer is not immediately shown, you have to guess or wait for the outcome of the novel.

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