The-Lord-of-the-Rings-The-Two-Towers-by-J.R.R.-TolkienThe second part of the trilogy was not less interesting, than the first. The intrigue is heated, the agony is piled on, heroes become closer to the purpose and as ill luck would have it the final on the most interesting place. No, well unless it is fair? There is a wish to spit all games and right there to begin to read the 3rd volume.

Beauty of descriptions doesn’t cease to surprise, Middle-earth everything is also beautiful also Tolkien on a fraction of a second doesn’t allow the reader to be disappointed. Images and the area vividly rise before eyes and it I still didn’t watch the movie. The second volume is divided into 2 parts. In the first is narrated about heroes who napryavitsya to Gondor, and in the second – about those who go to Mordor. There is no wish to spoylerit, but I very much feel sorry for Boromir, I hoped that he, as well as Gandalf, will return later, but alas… In this novel it is even difficult to me to allocate the main character (in principle Frodo has to be him), but for me all nine, left in a campaign, main and favourite. Even to nasty Gorlum I and that have managed to become attached though he quite often irritated me. The only thing that it would be desirable to note minus in descriptions of heroes – me isn’t enough actions of the gnome Gimli.

Somehow it is more told about the others, and he kind of fades into the background. But hobbits have pleased: Merry, Ping and Sam. Everyone has shown the identity, they aren’t the appendages coordinated for Frodo any more. Sam attracts simplicity of the reasonings – the loyal friend Frodo, he doesn’t need heroism and the power if only with the owner everything was as it should be. The novel is read easily, and there is a wish to plunge into it, but here to remain inside – terribly. Terrible orks, opposite горлум, Shelob entangling everything the web. Isn’t present, dismiss. To watch from outside it is one, and to get inside where a circle one dangers – absolutely another. I a little in confusion to what age category to refer the book. It seems, it is the nursery – elves, hobbits, gnomes, magicians, etc., a simple plot and at the same time in her so much wisdom is put which is hidden between lines and to children it will be difficult to understand her. Probably it is worth reading and re-reading this book not once, even if in 23 years only the first reading.

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