The Key to Midnight by Dean Koontz

The-Key-to-Midnight-by-Dean-KoontzAn exciting read! Mind games, substitution of consciousness , change of personality , hypnosis ,matrix, the imposition of one consciousness on another, operation “Mirror” – all this is in the novel . The idea that you can not live your life , has long excites the minds of writers and filmmakers , and just ordinary people.

Isn’t it? Matrix consciousness, all people under the dome, and maybe not all, and selectively. What man calls the fate of , and that accident, how accident regularity or on the she and accident , that in it there is no patterns?

Fatal if everything that happens in life, perhaps everything is programmed, and the fact that we can turn to another track and select a different destiny means nothing, the choice is also relative. Maybe these are variants of the program. you liked everything, it was very interesting.

And another interesting thought occurs while reading the identity is memory , is memory . there is personality, there is no memory ,all… clean , you can write anything , create a new memory of himself and thus change identity. Of course , there is love, and one relief – feeling is real, not a program. Written famously, very much alive. In one word – remarkable!

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