The-Return-of-the-King-by-J.R.R.-TolkienThe third book of “Lord of the Rings” was pleasant to me much less, than two previous. It is too much fights in which I got confused. And frankly speaking, I just couldn’t present these battles when from some party attack the city one army, on the other side of the city others beat off, and from the sea it is visible allies… And as the fact that Aragorn bypassed the city turned out, at the same time having appeared at the sea, not the lake, but the huge sea. It still should be crossed… Generally, a problem most likely in my imagination and impossibility to present all this…

And descriptions as always are smart. Tongue is surprising, sonorous and beautiful, the final not absolutely such as I expected, but quite was pleasant. Now it is necessary only to watch movies, there, most likely, I will receive all answers to how there took place fights and battles.

That’s all, it is possible even to tell quickly and almost without serious consequences. Because of what all fuss, I didn’t understand. The third book was pleasant to me more, than the second, but it is less, than the first. Though, it is difficult to tell unambiguously here. On mood all indeed, but here in spite of the fact that in the third resolute fight ran high, battles in the second part seemed me more epic. And here… Everything was conducted to it and conducted, and as a result there was not so much a fight, how many an ordinary skirmish. In any case, in comparison with the second part of history. But the intriguing moments after all were, especially with Faramir and Denethor. This moment in general especially hooked on me as among such legend at last loomed though something that is beaten out from quite bit tiresome number of monotonous adventures and pathos sayings, something really intense and transient.

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