Legacy-Of-Terror-by-Dean-KoontzA young girl who is a nurse, gets a job to quite rich people living far from everyone in a large mansion. In this house a few years ago was a terrible tragedy that will not let its inhabitants still, because the assurance of the inhabitants, the Ghost came back from the dead and now seeks revenge for what people a few years ago made his death.


Despite the banality of the plot, read this novel quite interesting. The author masterfully escalates the intrigue, the action is not “slack” but on the contrary, with every page read on to read even more interesting. The author is not marking time in one place and is constantly adding new facts about this terrible house that stirs interest.

There are almost no disadvantages. In addition to the banal story not to mention the irrationality of the protagonist. Suspect everyone, but some will tell about their fears and conjectures. Right in the best traditions of ned stark. Although, if in such books the characters would do, how smart people with a strong sense of logic. To read this would be interested. Characters in the novel quite a bit, the main culprit is also easy to guess. Plot twists are also deprived of the originality and built on cliches. and the closer to the end, so most of these plot twists are not just acquaintances, they say, did not have time to read this and somewhere I have already seen. No, closer to the final can be seen clearly borrowing (or inspiration) from the novel (or film, still the film adaptation of Director Hitchcock’s more popular than the novel by Robert Bloch) “Psychosis”.

Inspired by this story, koontz, or so that he came up with a very similar story is not clear, but the similarities simply can not be evident. And despite the fact that downsides in the book enough to read this story interesting, but for detectives/thrillers, this is very important. In addition, in this novel way up pretty important topics as the influence of childhood trauma on adulthood, or as the belief in the occult can lead to tragic consequences. Expect the worst, so familiarity with the works of Dean koontz.

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