The-Fellowship-of-the-Ring-by-J.R.R.-TolkienAnd only? – shaken Takatalvi has thrown up the hands, having stopped reading the first volume of the legendary work. Sign moment: what is called, has come true. Initially I in general promised to read “Lord of the Rings” – the movie not especially was pleasant, the genre in principle is alien; then I have begun to think that it is advisable to get acquainted as with classics; at last, I just haven’t sustained numerous sendings from everywhere. A last straw was the Moria song into which pathos I have entirely plunged and has presented to all Moriyam Mauria, and here me bang and report that it from “Lord of the Rings”.

Of course, by the time of reading in a subcortex much everything that has as a result created some false ideas of the book has collected. First, it is, of course, movies, secondly, music (metalworkers are greedy for sculpture of fantasy and doleful songs on Tolkien’s plots), thirdly – stories by friends and acquaintances. All this together forced to present the gloomy epic saga. I have played a role here and “Hobbit” – not once said me supposedly it still that, he absolutely children’s, and you read “VK”.

There is, however, also an essential difference from “Hobbit” – reasonableness of the world which, of course, impresses (by the way, I was impressed only by reasonableness, the world – yet in any way). The only thing, she very much is densely stated. It is clear, that there is a world geography, there is his history, and there is a wish to state her, and here just Frodo’s adventures, so it is necessary to push information there to the maximum. Sometimes it looks is heated too up. And, by the way, despite such careful approach to the created world, it wasn’t without flaws. Well, personally my eye stubborn clings to ordinary names of months. Among this separate Universe pro-Roman “October” looks somehow ridiculously. I don’t know, maybe, in the original was differently.

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