The Insulted and Humiliated by Fyodor DostoyevskyA work which is not included in the “great books” and which stands out in the works of Fyodor. Apart because here Dostoevsky not as an equal, and his manner, to suppress.

To quell the mood, create an oppressive state in which you are entirely immersed in his character, which, as a rule, antisocial and in this case justified by the author. There are no deep thoughts on the struggle of ideologies, not of trials of the hero with himself, not even religious connotation.

Here Dostoevsky is revealed to us as the melodramatic narrator. In addition, there is a very interesting and very important not only for Russian literature. Here Dostoevsky drew attention to the clash defenseless child with the outside world. Prior to that, none of the Russian writers of this caliber didn’t pay attention to the problem of abandoned, unwanted children.

Here suffering is built into the plot. Suffering girl suzukawa a spoiled fool, suffering child, who is hated by all except the main character, suffers from the main character because of the unrequited adolescent love. And the main thing that I understand after reading is that the suffering is in each of us, and many people like to live with this suffering the rest of their days, because it’s more convenient.

Those who love the romance definitely worth a read.

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