The-Face-of-Fear-by-Dean-KoontzFear-the sense of, which in one way or another extent are subject to all without exceptions. After all, all of us with the soul, all feel and periodically experience for some reason, we are afraid of something-it is inevitable. Fear is an essential part of our lives. And I want to write “Because we’re not animals any”, but animals experience it, and even how! They, unlike human, even hide his not can.


They can’t cheat, pretend. It seems to me that their fear is just the most present and obvious to some. Have you ever looked into the eyes of your fears? Did they become face to face with fear? It’s probably doubly scary, and even triple. One of the heroes of this book just turns out to be in such a situation. Before him comes the choice-to overcome his fear, which he feels, almost physically, or die. But in fact, there is no choice here. Both the hero and the reader understand this very well. No sane person will choose death when there is a way to salvation, and it remains only to strain and try, but this is what turns out to be the most difficult.

Actually, the whole story is quite amusing and sufficiently dynamic. Everything is laid out on the shelves and in General quite typical of this genre. The serial killer, his victims, the police – very cute and delicate small, which is rare – the pursuit of a new victim. There are certain features, without them bored. If we discard all the elements of the Thriller, the reader is presented with a love story of two people needed each other like the air, and the story of two people perfectly complement each other. Due to whether not very high-quality translation or is the idea of the author, but in the narrative a lot of short sentences, especially in the descriptions. These suggestions as “BAM!», «WHAM!», «WHAM!”they give the text some kind of special atmosphere, cause more vivid images, to escalate the situation. And the entire “where sea salt” as usual in the ending, and she lies, to be sure, unexpected and interesting. Fans of American thrillers is dedicated.

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