The-Hobbit-or-There-and-Back-Again-by-J.R.R.-TolkienIt was necessary to leave for couple of days — I wandered about Middle-earth. Since the childhood familiar lines of a beginning, and I have rushed further. It is good that after “Lord of the Rings” it was succeeded to stop, without having tempted with “Silmarillion” and “Hurin’s Children”.

Everything is good in its season. “Hobbit”, of course, still children’s fairy tale, though is told in it not always about especially childish things (can, in it and there is a secret of the good fairy tale?) Even elves and gnomes are still close here to those fantastic images which have removed from folklore: the first are thoughtless and like to have fun, the second carry kapyushonchik as caps at garden gnomes. And all of them in “Hobbit” for the present too…

We are human perhaps. Not such wise, not such great, not such hardy and showing firmness miracles. Even Gandalf and in a peaked hat sees a staff some ordinary volshebnichok what much. I have started a stir, популял fiery flashes, all happiness. Therefore and it turns out that the book is written about things great if suddenly to try on them on the reality: here and search of Graal, and drakonishche, both finding of the house, and the hugest fight of Five Troops where who was only not, here only to try on these events won’t turn out, too they are fantastic. In spite of the fact that all this is still too fantastic, a message at history not easy and traditional it seems “be amicable and kind, and everything will turn out”. “Hobbit” sets us thinking on the mother of our history and a fundamental principle of all — persons. Who such hobbit who became the name of the book? Yes nobody, is the inhabitant multiplied by infinity so Tolkien wasn’t too lazy “to remove” new race, only that to show his ordinary.

To eat, have a sleep, share gossips, to take care about property… That’s all hobbits. Nothing bad, but in comparison with the same people-elves-gnomes at whom constantly itches somewhere near a pricker it is pure statistics, bots on shaggy legs. And here suddenly it turns out that no statistical unit and any most boring bot can be underestimated. It turns out that the history is written not only by great heroes. It turns out that there are no great heroes at all, and any personality — ordinary or not really — can turn the course of history. This thought will be continued and added in “Lord of the Rings”, the work already obviously not children’s.

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