Vanity fair by William ThackerayThackeray isn’t alien moralising, but does it so beautifully and fascinatingly that there is a wish that he continued to convict customs of the nineteenth century without stopping. The author is generous on picturesque characters. Enough attention is paid to everyone, but has most of all got to two graduates of a private board of Ms. Pinkerton.


Aemilia Sedli – generous, kind, mild, lovely, selfish, blinkered, prudish, passive. Rebecca Sharp – envious, ambitious, unscrupulous, cold, active. Becky undoubtedly clever and very gifted, but has hardened soul where could will concentrate on good in the life. She has early matured better than others understands laws of the Vanity Fair. The pretty coquette Becky is self-controlled, is able to control emotions, seeks to manipulate others, is pleasant in communication, is useful in affairs. It isn’t surprising that many prefer her to the correct, but boring Aemilia whose all line is sad to impropriety.

The virtue not of much costs if it hasn’t passed test temptation. If there is just not enough impudence and will to be bright and interesting in communication. Amy has thought up to herself an image of darling and persistently ignored everything that discredited her ideal. She isn’t less selfish, than Becky and also is lonely. Let her have a family, but to share the problems to her there is nobody. At external difference in character and behavior, “girlfriends” in fact are very similar. Therefore the plot of the novel of everything is more interesting when they together. Becky and Aemilia perfectly supplement each other and favourably shade. Other characters are also good! For example, old Ms. Crowley. Vestal and terrible radical.

Eccentrical and romantic. In youth I have fallen in love with all French and it was sharp on language. Seeking to return days of the long ago left youth, brings closer to itself the governess of the brother Becky and the younger nephew Rodon – the first idler and the dandy on the village. The aunt is generous in love and is terrible in anger. The player Rodon can and doesn’t shine with either mind, or virtues, but there is no evil in him. But he is able to love and be faithful, on the of manners.

Mrs. Byyut Crowley – the pastor’s spouse to serve only in investigation! As brilliantly she has carried out collection of information about objectionable by her to the person. What mnogokhodovochka I have planned. I have developed the military company, I have created espionage network. For full triumph she lacked favor of fate. Absolutely slightly. The most charming Irish O’Dowd. While the major O’Dowd orders a regiment, tireless Peggy orders O’Dowd. The family of Meloni, she considered the most aristocratic in the world and never missed opportunities to tell to friends family chronicles.

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