The Taming of the Shrew by William ShakespeareWilliam Shakespeare one of the most famous writers is also known he generally for the tragedies which plot many know nearly since the childhood. But I am already again convinced that it is much more interesting to read less well-known works since everything isn’t so predictable, and his comedies attract me more, even in spite of the fact that usually dramas are pleasant stronger.

“The Taming of the Shrew” is the play in the play. On a plot two sisters Catharina and Bianka live in the house of the father wishing to marry each girl. Yes only all grooms ask in marriage to younger Bianka, and senior avoid because of her obstinate temper. When the father decides not to marry Bianka until Catharina finds to herself the husband, many grooms fraudulently try to remain alone from darling. But here and for elder sister the promised who has managed to find a way to tame the rebellious girl was found. Heroes are individual, at everyone the interesting character changing over time. So Catharina though looks stroptivitsy, actually that isn’t, very soft and loving heart is hidden inside. The girl only hides internal kindness since since the childhood she wasn’t accepted such what she is. The father always loved younger more, and Catharina couldn’t accept it, not in forces was to understand that she attracts other people in double-faced Bianka. Younger sister, though looks externally modest and obedient, gradually opens the negative sides. She actually really doesn’t love grooms, is ready to give to the sister any. And having married, it turns out nearly same obstinate what her sister pretended to be. Petruchio appears as the person ready for everything for the sake of money. The work takes.

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