The-other-gods-by-Howard-Phillips-LovecraftIt was very good idea — again to address stories by the Master and to read them in the original. It was necessary to realize it for a long time, but here to begin a case it was provided — the case has been used. Actually, original language hasn’t frightened, contrary to unsuccessful experience of some testers, and hasn’t seemed to me such unfriendly to the reader.

Of course, the fact that contents is familiar nearly thoroughly plays the role, but all the same, in my opinion, quite gives in to development…. Fairly nervous story-teller talks about a certain Richard Pikmena. The gifted artist, he has been suddenly ostracized from friends and colleagues. Some works Pikmena whose skate was art of the image of all disgusting, pathological, “morbid art” have caused. Perhaps, he has reached in the genius such borders for which his companions just haven’t dared to follow?. The story-teller to the last kept in contact with Pikmen.

He was admired by talent and abilities of the artist. Have been isolated from a habitual circle of contacts, Pikmen with hunting has responded. He has invited the story-teller to himself in studio to show the best of the creations… The true art consists not only in what is represented, the considerable share is made with how it is represented. It belongs equally to all types of creativity. Like the hero of the story, the artist Pikmena, Lovecraft puts this principle into practice. The fulfilled mechanism: hints are weaved into lovchy network, details serve as a bait, appearing as if snatched out by a lamp beam from a gloom. well… the noise reminding fuss of rats under the old building… knock of a tree about a stone… tales of children-podmenyshakh… several shots from a revolver… self-portrait… photo… Here — the imagination of the reader is caught, it flutters in a web of not clear, vague guesses. Give him a contour, the image it will finish drawing. And in the final add one bright, accurate detail.

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