The posthumous papers of the pickwick club by Charles DickensThe book was read long and with an emotional swing from “the akhakh, is ridiculous” to “burn this book!” For some reason Pikvik among the acquaintances is considered the gentleman’s standard, the best of the best, he is considered the cleverest, well-mannered, etc., etc. To his opinion listen, on it equal, ask it for suggestions and the help. Generally, the leader he is always a leader)

By the way, Mr. Pikvik was the only thing pleasant, the hero in this book. He really such good that just to carp there is nothing. Of course, he isn’t deprived of stiffness and other Victorian delights, but it even somehow adds to him charm. To other characters there are claims, and considerable. To be exact, of course, to the author. Pikvik’s friends – all these of Snodgrassa and other – have appeared approximately as like as two peas and plus still these surnames of Tinkl, Uinkl… A nightmare) All of them are a little cardboard prototypes of Bertie Wooster and others.

Constantly get into ridiculous situations, plainly are able to do nothing, drink and walk in the same way as “ordinary people”, but for some reason consider themselves better and is higher than them. Blue blood. Inflate cheeks in a talk on honor and its protection, however avoid duels and are afraid unanimously. The book consists of traveling notes, stories by the casual people met by Pikvik during his searches, the forgotten scraps of diaries, etc. Even interesting Gothic stories like ghosts of carriages meet (by the way, I already read this fragment in some of collections of Gothic prose earlier). In general, the book quite volume, and Dickens obviously tried to embrace the immensity, having covered a set of the serious topics. Such as imperfection of judicial system, for example. That wildly enraged me – it is, of course, female characters.

All TO the UNIFORM heroine at him – either distinguished girls camomiles, or the finished hysteric women. All of them falsely sob, trying to manipulate unfortunate men, faint to order, are pushed to the floor and roll there in an attack two-three hours, squealing and kicking. Any adequate woman. All of them silly and greedy, envious, vicious. Or young fairies, beautiful and sensitive, but all the same silly. Tell after that that Dickens not the sexist. That is male characters at him too not angels. But all of them at least different. And here girls everything under a carbon paper are written off. I hate fierce hatred Bena Elena and Bob Sawyer and also the servant Pikvik Sam (Geeves is far more pleasant) and his daddy too. As for the English humour – yes, it was here. But I haven’t saved situation.

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