Harriet-Beecher-Stowe-Uncle-Toms-CabinIt was this work, according to many sources, was one of the impetus for a restudy from place unshakable foundations and civil war

Her loved, admired her, she hated and tried to refute. But it has done its job, passing permanently entered in the list of classic works and becoming an eternal monument to those who could not himself tell you about myself.

This is an amazing book. At the same time in places very naive, besides, filled with Christian motifs and cruel, terrible pain. Of course, it is quite possible to be accused of being too two-dimensional characters – most of them are divided into positive and negative it is very categorical. Among the most controversial recall, perhaps, only two: Mr. Saint-Clair: honest and good-natured man, he is not able to be cruel, but it is too easy and indifferent to try to change, or at least spend a force to raise their own slaves. It is easier to put up with laziness, stealing and stupidity than to take part in an event. And his cousin Ophelia – full of high ideals, but irrationally fearful of blacks and not finding the strength to admit it or handle it. Only these two changes in the course of the novel, and something to learn.

The rest of the heroes once and for all take a certain niche, no longer leave the occupied position.

To this we can find fault, but it does not cause catastrophic damage. Because the chosen theme is more important. Who cares ideal hero, when you see the horrors going on, imagine yourself in the place of the mother, the latter being the only child, or worse starved him to death in front of her. When you imagine a man beaten to death just impotent awareness that it is better to host.

This novel – a novel memory. A more novel lesson novel reminder of what each of us can become if he wants, a novel-motivator.

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