Kate-Chopin-The-Awakening-and-Selected-Short-StoriesTiny Louisiana novel Kate Chopin almost from the first pages of forced to ask one of the perennial question of Russian literature. Only in the context of his “Why do not people fly like birds?” better it sounds a bit different. How come some people, the birds can not sit in a gilded cage?

Mrs. Pontellier 28 years, she is beautiful, smart and successful. Mrs. Pontellier has everything what can only dream of a lady from the higher strata of New Orleans: caring husband, two lovely synishek, luxurious house, a flock of fans – what else should be included in the kit? Mrs. Pontellier simply must be happy. But no, Edna wants to wake up. Do not wake up from the nightmare of her life pleasant and easy. And shake off the heavy slumber of inaction, chained desires and dull rituals with all of them, “Honey, you do not need to look at the moon, it’s too late!” “My dear, how could you leave for a walk – on Tuesdays you take visitors!”, “Why do you painting, my dear? “” Honey, you just do not sick? “.

No matter how determined the “Awakening” as “feminist novel” Kate Chopin is in no hurry to give unambiguous advice on the case: “What to do when from the ideal life I want to howl?”. Her character then falls into a melancholy reverie, it refers to the crushed propriety talent, then dives into the hectic and looking, looking, looking for a foundation on which to build a new life to replace the one that is not sewn in its measure. There Is looking for – who knows. Do not frantic with fat – but how to look … But it is impossible to look indifferently when the rustle of pages wrapped breeze, dispels lumps wings. And no matter who tries to lop them: society, the husband, you yourself …
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