Henry James The Turn of the ScrewAward huge number of adaptations and theatrical story of Henry James «The Turn of the Screw» can rightly be regarded as a model of the Gothic style. Here is everything that is an attribute specific to the literary trend: a ghost, an old ramshackle house, mysterious sacrifice unresolved mysteries and as a result – death.

For all the complexity of language and James ornate, reflecting the style of conversation and attitude of Victorian England, this book is easy to read, but the majority of readers admitted that sometimes it was scary at the time of reading.

The accuracy and thoroughness in describing the smallest details creates a sense of presence.

To build the storyline of the story in the first person (young governess to Miles and Flora), begins with a prologue, in which the narrative is a misterr Douglas (which in fact turns out to be matured Miles) and bases it on the diaries of the most governess.

The book will undoubtedly be of interest not only to those who love terrible, but those who enjoy logical puzzles: Does Mrs. Grose ghosts seen also as the main character; You see whether their children or it was just a fantasy of their mentor; whether committed murder in the estate Blyde; whether there was something a little perversity Miles or all of it just seemed the governess?

These questions are difficult to answer for the simple reason that James does not give the reader more information, driving the narrative in the first person. We can only rely on their own analysis and their own conclusions about what will happen this “turn of the screw” ?!

Established under the diaries of James on a true story, and the story still causes a lot of disputes about its contents: some researchers reckon it to the genre of logic games, if we can all identify in the literature (for example, a work of Edgar Allan Poe “Gold Bug”).

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