Arthur Conan Doyle The Return of Sherlock HolmesAfter such a great and unique epitaph as the «The Hound of the Baskervilles» by playing with us a cruel joke, and under pressure from readers of fans once again taken up the pen. By the way, this time, Doyle writes less superficial, more thoughtful and sizes. According to critics, «The Hound of the Baskervilles» was some kind of turning point in the saga, and author of the first thought that he writes not for the greedy undemanding audience, and to himself. Is this idea or something else, no doubt went to his advantage.

“Empty House” – a story which opens the collection. Briefly and succinctly, he explains Holmes return and closes an open ending with a waterfall, a collection of previous sin. The story has not caused much enthusiasm, the emphasis in it is put down on the unexpected return of Holmes.

Short stories about:
– The Norwood Builder. Despite the fact that it is possible to predict the ending of the story, the story is really like ingenious and inventive villain.
– Dancing Men – the story would be very prosaic, if not encrypted, which the author dispels the reader’s attention. It would seem, well, what can bring terrible dancing men? ..
– The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton – maybe not a detective story, but Holmes is revealed to us as a person not just a noble, as it was before, but it is extremely sensitive to injustice. So much so that he is ready to commit the crime itself, but would not give it to another person to commit. The peculiar and interesting story. Pearl collection.
– The Adventure of the Six Napoleons. Magic almost humorous story. Which of the joke turns into a fascinating logical chain. Title fully characterizes the story.
– Pince-nez in gold – a very interesting story. Although still a number of suicides – a bust.
– Second spot. In a way an interesting story. Sherlock save the honor of the country, and while the investigation itself is reduced except for deduction and logical chain, as the final story, the second spot, may be preparing the ground for future “cooperation” with the government. But not the fact. Who knows)
– Lonely cyclist – the name of the far more intriguing than the investigation. And the bike here except that embellish the atmosphere, rather than creating it.
– In case of boarding – the whole story is not too noticeable. But Holmes’s hands takes place quickly and tastefully.
– Black Peter – all just … here even acts “Qui prodest?”, A simple question: Who would be able to ..?
– Three students – a kind of training skills and skills Holmes. Alas, the answer is simple: Guilty is the one who was originally the least fall under suspicion.
– Missing rugby – all genius is simple. What could be more human in his career? .. Family.
– Murder in the Abbey Grange. From the outset, it is clear it is clear that something is wrong. Moreover, it is clear as day that the hostess a little crazy. The story is not surprised. But, again, he demonstrated the desire of Sherlock Holmes to the higher justice.

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