Bernard Shaw PygmalionPygmalion – the sculptor who created the statue so perfect girl that fell in love with the image he created. He made her presents, dressed in expensive clothes, but the statue remained a statue, and unrequited love. Touched by so much love goddess Aphrodite statue revived. This Greek myth has repeatedly been used in art. Artists painted pictures, songs, and opera composers, directors made films. Of course, this story is embodied on the stage and in the literature. Irish playwright, novelist and writer George Bernard Shaw has created an ironic allusion to the Greek myth of the sculptor Pygmalion.

Pygmalion is presented in the form of a phonetics professor Higgins. His Galatea – a street vendor flowers Eliza Doolittle. Made a bet with his friend, Colonel Pickering, Higgins should be six months to train the flower pronunciation accepted in high society, and a secular reception to be able to present it as a duchess. In the course of the play Eliza transformed. Higgins teaches her English pronunciation is correct, in Pickering, a perfect gentleman, she borrows a secular manner. At the same time, and suddenly Higgins, she has a sense of self-esteem. It turns out that the creation of experiencing emotions he created and in addition, are very vulnerable. But that’s only professor stubbornly refuses to admit it. He was completely indifferent the fate of poor Eliza Doolittle. Is Higgins will manage to overcome his callousness and finally admit that it’s not perfect?

The show itself is the purpose of his pieces are defined as follows: ” Pygmalion – is a mockery of the fans of” blue blood “… each piece was my rock, I threw it into the window of Victorian prosperity.” According to him, the upper classes are distinguished by a lower manners, clothes, pronunciation and education. And sometimes the only difference is in the money. The same nouveaux riches at first glance look like secular people, but when they open the mouth as soon as it becomes clear their origin. The differences between social classes are as vanity and pride. The lower classes are more familiar with such feelings as decency, dignity, spiritual sensitivity. The main objective of the company is to be a victory over poverty and ignorance.

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