Arthur Conan Doyle The Hound of the Baskervilles«The Hound of the Baskervilles» is considered to be probably the most famous tale of the adventures of Sherlock Holmes. It is not surprising that the name and the story took part as a basis for all those who only he could, and directors of movies and TV series, the developers of computer games. This work, as noted by amateur Sherlock Holmes, one of the most successful and beloved.

This product has everything: a family curse, and mystical stories and mysterious murder, and family secrets, and dark mysterious patrimony, and the characters that hide their secrets, and even weird love stories. With each read a page there are new questions and mysteries.

Even Sherlock Holmes himself admits that it is the most intelligent and worthy opponent, who he met. The killer skillfully confuses the tracks and manipulates people. But Sherlock Holmes would not be as well known for its genius, if he could not beat even such clever and sophisticated criminal.

Scary swamp, the howls and strange that the events occur frequently at night, the legend of a monstrous dog-avenger impose a special stamp on all grim work.

A faithful friend and assistant doctor appears here in a somewhat different light. The usual role of an assistant is replaced in this story is almost the main role. No worse than most of Sherlock Holmes he notices and analyzes, thereby fulfilling almost all the work.

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