Thud-Terry-PratchettWhy is the majority of the so impermissibly long marigold books of Terry Pratchett on their virtual bookshelf? Apparently simply afraid of frustration, because often the works of popular, well-deserved, all praised authors do not like. And with each non-asleep book, a fierce reader’s conscience awakens …


Not the case. It is something!!! Who has not yet read Pratchett or suddenly doubts – for the cause! Because such a crystal, diamond English humor, along with a wonderful translation, is met with regrettable seldom. True, I started somehow from the end of the cycle, and connoisseurs of creativity share Pratchett’s style for early and late, but this is nothing, the author’s world is understandable and so. And still I think that it is necessary to turn first to the first books.

So, ” Thud ” is a police detective in gnome style, no – in thrones … No, after all, it’s vampire. Or human? It does not matter, the main thing is that the spicy line is twisted around the detective line, and the political intrigue is quite topical.

How do you feel about the problem of ethnic minorities? With this question there are always problems, is not it? Especially on the eve of significant national holidays and memorable dates, such as, for example, the anniversary of the Battle of Kuma between gnomes and trolls. And all would be nothing, but the views on the events they have are different. And here it is time to erect police barricades, and alcohol pours down the river, adding morale to the opponents. Even dwarf fighting bread and baton trunks – everything is ready for a fight.


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