Family Happiness by Leo TolstoyA little story by the Russian classic tells of the love between a very young girl Masha and Sergei, a man who is older than her 20 years, a friend of her late father. A sweet story of first love of a girl and not believe in the happiness of the man who “old age” (36-year-old man who sees himself as a man) managed to obtain the love of a young beauty.


Nice to read about how they developed their relationship, — sweet, loving couple. The author creates the atmosphere of love, it wants to plunge, the atmosphere of happiness. But fortune is fickle and even the seemingly perfect relationships, there is a place of contention. Masha, the young girl wanted in life-fire, social life, travel, and her husband and peace and power of life in the village. This is a fairly common problem today, when one in the couple wants the bright life and simple peace. And it’s not about age.

Masha wanted a secular life was faithful to her husband, because girls 17-20 years boils the blood, and Mature man who married young, should understand this, not to reproach her silently. Wanted Sergei talked to the wife, tried to understand her thirst of society, its activity, and she was ready for him to go forward. But instead, he put all the responsibility on her, disappointed in her, and just pushed away, not making any attempt to understand anything and change. Yes, it happens often is not better, but Tolstoy just described one of the typical reactions to disagreements in the relationship. And it’s sad. In fact, it is easier to judge. If you look at their own relationship, current or completed, and think, how many hurtful misunderstandings occurs exclusively from the unwillingness to take the first step, out of pride, and the heroes of the book can be easily understood. Sergei was afraid that Mary did not understand him and stepped back, Masha was afraid of coldness and Sergei pulled away because of this. Being in such an unpleasant illusion about each other, not trying to fix it, to talk hard to keep the tenderness, devotion and openness, characteristic of the beginning of the relationship. The conclusion is clear: all the problems of vagueness. Talk to each other!

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