The Shuttered Room and Other Pieces iby Howard Phillips LovecraftG.F. Lovecraft did not publish during lifetime of any book, but became the beacon and a reference point of the whole genre, an idol of both broad reader’s masses, and the refined intellectuals, a perennial spring of inspiration for cinematographers. Borges admired his stories in which the place of the person – on the far periphery of the universal diagram of things, and forces supermundane strike into souls careless sacred terror.

This collection includes the stories and stories added on the draft copies which remained after Lovecraft by his friend, the pupil and the first publisher Augustus Derlet. Many of them are translated for the first time, remaining are published or in the new translations, or in the new, carefully adjusted edition. This book shall become table at each fan of a genre, at all judges of the modern literature!

Throughout long time Lovecraft remains to one of the authors who are most loved by me. It is silly to deny greatness and skill of the person under which pen the whole world – frightening was born, terrible, opposing to the person and mankind terrifying something – it is incomparable more powerful and ancient. However, reading his numerous works, it is necessary to mark also some similarity of their plots – the death of the distant relative, the house in inheritance, the strange books and a window – and, as they say, rushed! But personally to me this pleasure from reading did not spoil at all.

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