A Guide to the Antiquities of Egypt by Arthur WeigallAncient Egypt is the most mysterious country, which has left many historical monuments and pyramids, which still excite the minds of scientists and researchers. This is a short indentation, let’s talk about the book itself. Cleopatra is the last Queen of Egypt, and this book about her life, and until her death, which is just as shrouded in mystery as her life. But all this and more, you will learn later.

Opening the book, you get acquainted with life of the queen and you learn about her lovers as she ruled Ancient Egypt and why she “has sold” the country of Tsezaryu. Life of the empress not especially interesting, but some moments will force to become interested in this book in this personality. In the middle of the book you learn about the queen’s lovers. This is Gney Pompey, Caesar and Anthony who have brought popularity to Cleopatra and have helped to hold a throne from others. As we know, after Caesar’s arrival to Egypt, the country it is possible and so to speak, became colony of the Roman Empire.

The style of the book will appeal to any reader interested in this topic, that is the life of the last Empress of Ancient Egypt.


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