The Star-Child by Oscar WildeAh, these short fairy tales parables by Wilde! In the childhood all became engrossed in reading of them so that they at the end of the book couldn’t understand any more where it is worth crying, where to be frightened, and where to smile.

Perhaps, all loved these parables at him more than anything else. The perfected language, mad interlacings of cruelty and beauty, and a visual row which arises in process of reading history teases imagination not worse than the best masterpieces of painting. And here beautiful and short Gothic (I can’t be at other loss for words, because the atmosphere which is forcing and fine the gloom) the fairy tale “Boy star”.

Two woodcutters find in the wood the child wrapped in the raincoat embroidered by gold, just in that place where according to them from heaven the star has fallen. Long they think whether they will be able to grow up him in poverty, but nevertheless leave. And then the boy grows up, but, as well as is once Lara at Maxim Gorky, he has become proud of the unusual origin therefore behaved nasty. Therefore not the kindest storyteller Oscar Wilde sends him magic and severe tests to turn his soul inside out and to learn whether there is in him the true good. But Wilde would be just one more ordinary moralizer who says: “Arrogance — it is bad, to help the neighbor — well” if everything has ended with the words “also he lived long and happily”.

The last words, the tiny paragraph from couple of offers… However, he owes an okunutchitatel in ice an ice-hole. Absolutely small fairy tale, but with a double bottom, not with the most pleasant at a depth. And nevertheless she is very good.

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