The Decay of Lying by Oscar WildeOne word – a decadence. Oscar Wilde his obvious follower that already repeatedly was confirmed by esthetic views in his works, but in this small dialogue these views are clearly formulated enough now. In a form this dialogue takes place between two companions, Cyril and Vivian from whom Cyril states “decline of art of a lie” and in the article, besides the proof of the existing problem in art, offers an exit to art “revival”.

It is obvious that Cecil acts on behalf of Wilde therefore there is a question why Wilde was required to have two characters that to enclose the words of the essay in lips of one of them? Vivian in this dialogue doesn’t disprove the friend, listens carefully and moreover, at the end visually inclines to the point of view of Cecil. It is possible this results from the fact that after image of Vivian there can be any reader who has obtained the opinion on decline as counter questions which are inserted from time to time by Vivian quite coincide with those which arise on the reading course at the reader. And it is possible, in such form it is simply presented the most popular belief in a condition of art opposite to a decadence.

Besides if the standard essay had a form of this work as, then Wilde very much would contradict the character, so яро opposed manifestation of rectilinear realism. Thus, Wilde betrays the theory the corresponding form and demonstrates what “art of a lie” in operation. Views of a ratio of art and life quite entertaining and powerful, Wilde perfectly reasoned them.