Androcles and the lion by George Bernard ShawGreat play. So, perhaps, only Bernard Shaw could write about the martyr’s fate of the Christians in Ancient Rome. As you know, adherents of the new religion for about 3 centuries suffered all kinds of oppression and often ended their earthly way in the jaws of the lion in the arena of the Colosseum. Everything changed in the reign of Emperor Constantine, who himself converted to Christianity.

Why, it is asked, these fans of monotheistic religion so disliked? First, because the priests of the numerous gods of Rome did not intend to peacefully lose their flock and privilege. Secondly, the Bible tells the suffering that all people are equal before God, which is not particularly consistent with the slave system of the Roman Empire. You can not, you know, just take and give up free slave labor, which holds the whole economy. And lions need to be fed regularly, and Christians in this regard as it is impossible by the way.

Shaw not only shows the hypocrisy of the powers that be, which actually do not care about religion, if only the boat is not rocked, and also their fear of everything new, forcing them to organize indicative harassment and persecution, but also rightly points out that in any revolutionary movement involved both idealists and not the most decent elements.

Separate gratitude to the author for images of the fan of Androkl’s fauna, his quarrelsome wife and a wonderful dancing lion. I’ve wanted to get some kind of animal before, and now it’s absolutely urgent, guys.

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