lewis-carroll-through-the-looking-glassLewis Carroll wrote the book “Through the Looking-Glass” in 1871 the year as an extension of the children’s tale “AAlice’s Adventures in Wonderland”. The second book was no less successful than the first, Carroll once again paints a stunning, bright and colorful, living by its own laws and is filled with unusual characters world. The main character, Alice, gets into it, deciding to pretend to go through the mirror. In the end she was in the reflection where the opposite is true. Journey through the looking-glass world gives her many new friends and unexpected adventures. Only at the very end of his walks on the through the looking Glass Alice realizes that all is only her own dream.

Today the book “Through the Looking-Glass” is world famous, popular and favorite tale which became the basis for many films and continues to attract both children and adults worldwide. Perhaps the most important element of popularity of this book is the immediacy — Carroll is not valid for any laws, he just tells an interesting story, gradually tangling it so that
analyze a story is almost impossible.

Indeed, the author, a mathematician, left in “Through the Looking-Glass” so many mysteries and riddles, that to unravel them all is simply not realistic. That is why, first getting acquainted with “Through the Looking-Glass”
or rereading it, it is better not to go into analysis, perceiving the tale as unusual and unpredictable, lively and unusual. Probably in this case you will be able to get maximum enjoyment from reading.

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Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll
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Familiarity with “Alice in Wonderland” is especially useful in childhood: rapid change of bright scenery, the plot twists, sometimes appearing completely unexpected, eccentric, slightly crazy heroine — all this fits perfectly into the framework of children’s perception and gives a good job for a child’s imagination.

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