anonymous-my-secret-life-volumes-1-3-1The book was first printed anonymously in 1888. Who wrote it – is still being debated. A significant portion of researchers that the author – Henry Spencer Ashby, textile merchant, a traveler, a passionate bookseller and collector of erotica, who died in 1900. He entered the circle of Victorian free-thinkers – writers and artists who were suffocated in the atmosphere of bigotry and hypocrisy. After death left of him a Grand collection of pornography and editions of Cervantes, which he bequeathed to the British Museum upon the acceptance of the storage and the erotic part of his collection.

Whatever it was, “My secret life” entered the history of world literature as an anonymous book, reflecting the mores of Victorian England. More precisely, this 11-volume epic, telling of the pursuit of sexual happiness throughout his life a man from the middle class. There aren’t that many books in which such care has described all the intimate experiences of the person from almost infancy to old age, and literary talent.

“My secret life” – a unique document of the era and human existence in General. The book is a significant and necessary addition to the novels of Dickens and Thackeray, because without it, the idea of the mores of England at that time will be incomplete or incorrect.

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My Secret Life by Anonymous
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This book shows that the whole era of Victorian England.

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