robert-louis-stevenson-treasure-islandRobert Louis Stevenson invites the reader to take a trip to the island, created by his imagination. Filling a book the adventures of the characters, Stephenson every time he checked his map, which was created personally and for which worked all right backstory. Left to take a temporary cut, to create characters… and make the dream come true. In many ways, “Treasure Island” was written for boys whose wild imagination capable from stick to make a sword, and from the inverted bowl — a well-fortified firing point.

Using such minimalism, Stevenson gives the reader the introductory story about the drunken pirate, buried treasure. Time and again the reader during the reading of the book catches himself on the fact that a young man follows advices of his mother, and the very presence of mothers everywhere may
spoil the impression. What the hell is he, the adventurer.

However, the main character of “Treasure Island” is no different from the main character of “The Black Arrow”. Both books were written in the same year, here and there, the entire burden falls on the youthful shoulders, they both can not do without the advice of the weaker sex, and their lack of foresight had become iconic for the younger guys.

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Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson
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This story belongs to the literature of entertainment, but high quality and exciting. Perhaps, for people of the 19th century it was roughly the same as what has now become a fantasy – a sort of romanticized departure from the everyday reality. Interestingly, the main character here is not the knight without fear and reproach, not some perfect gentleman, and quite an ordinary boy-a teenager named Jim.

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