this-side-of-paradise-by-francis-scott-fitzgeraldHis name is Amory blaine and it’s all good. While it is good. He is quite a wealthy family, a group of friends and have been humming, has a beautiful appearance, the gray matter in the skull and too much charm. There are a good talker, confidence and a direct road to what is called «beautiful life».

But Amory Blaine is not enough. He’s selfish, utterly spoiled by his mother, the unwanted attention, he’s not used to failure, not used to hardship. He always got what he wanted. A good school? Please! A prestigious College? Give me two! Beautiful girls? Yes, plenty! Parties, social events and champagne by the river – always welcome! And had life Emory: mindless entertainment, a vain pursuit of the best. He lives one day, not care about school, about the future, just burns this life, like most boys and girls of his time. But how much rope to be twisted…

One day Emory will lose everything. Money, family, position in society, friends. There will be war. And everything it held, everything was surrounded by all his usual life, all the luxury and carelessness, will go into oblivion. And this will remain empty, awful, sucks. Will be Emory «that» side of Paradise – lost everything, lost himself, losing hope. «The higher you soar, the harder you will fall». This simple and brutal truth Amory blaine still have to check for yourself.

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