hard-times-by-charles-dickensDickens to be read, comfortably wrapped in a blanket, slowly sipping a tasty, aromatic tea. You need a special atmosphere to immerse myself in his fictional stories about the lives of people with, sometimes, simple, clear stories and exaggerated in some kind of Vice or virtues characters. Charles Dickens teaches kindness and good deeds, though often cooks a sad end for the “good” characters, perhaps, in order better to strengthen in our minds just taught a lesson. All characters are easily from the first lines imbued with sympathy and in the course of the narrative to rejoice and to mourn with them, to wonder and to grieve over the gifts, so ably presented by the author.

In “Hard times” story which has enlisted around the family of a respected and honorable sir Thomas Gradgrind. He devised and implemented a special educational system, which aims to teach children only facts, and teaches them to subdue and to explain everything with logic, not adding to them a drop of fantasy, fiction and feelings. She had to teach them wisdom of mind, but not the wisdom of the heart. This system was implemented in one of the schools in the city that was studied and his children.

About it later shatters the lives of all the characters in this book. Vidomina system tramples all dreams and magic dreams of children, especially his own, in harsh reality, Packed with solid facts. That’s just what can lead clogged passion? His eldest daughter will be the last step of the stairs leading to the sin of adultery, the son hangs over the abyss that unfolded under the feet of the gambler, only his youngest daughter, under the influence of an orphan Session that sheltered the family of Grating to grow a healthy baby. To understand whether the old Tom, which led to his own system, which he is so proud and will stand there his offspring against the temptations of life beyond mere facts?

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