the-first-men-in-the-moon-by-h-g-wellsThere are two merchant Bedford, questioning everything, and eccentric scientist Dr. Cavor who invented a substance (Cavorite), capable to overcome terrestrial gravitation and “thrown” in the air stream to other planets. Our heroes decide to travel and choose the most easily accessible – the moon. Here they are faced with a very curious phenomena, they expect a lot of adventures and a meeting with the SELENITES (inhabitants of the moon) leaves in their minds a tangible mark.

The SELENITES look like insects, live in podlinnykh caves represent an unbreakable chain. They know what gold (this stuff on the moon a lot), use spears and obey a single leader, Lunaria, the most intelligent and advanced Selenite (no wonder he first thought about our earth!). At first glance, this work can be considered as a worthy sample of science fiction. But a more careful and a little closer look it is impossible not to notice that this is a critical social programs, albeit drawn in a fantastic manner.

The picture of the moon – this is a separate, closed society with its own laws and a device, which intrudes completely alien to them and on the structure and development element. What the result of this contact? How strong will be the shock and what can threaten a surprise invasion? Could a man survive in this civilization? And anyway, what do you need to live in such a scenario, concepts and values? Questions arises much, and the brain requires the most detailed answers, which, in fact, it is easy to guess.

“The First Men in the Moon” is one of the most valuable representatives of the genre, I liked because of the peculiar plot. It was written at the beginning of the last century, and suddenly such an intriguing climax and a very realistic panorama.

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