the-moonstone-by-wilkie-collins«The Moonstone» is the story fascinating. One John Herncastle leaves a legacy to his niece a special diamond they obtained in India during the storming of Seringapatam. Rare beauty and expensive diamond is surrounded by a beautiful, but ominous legend – diamond de crowned the brow of the moon-God and Vishnu commanded that the moonstone guarded by three priests. And along with predicted misfortune to anyone who dares to steal the sacred jewel.

So needless to say, complete with a diamond young Rachel and her family got a lot of trouble, including three Indians. However, the diamond was gone the first night after the celebration, and began the search… a Loyal servant of the family, Gabriel Betteredge, Franklin black and famous detective Cuff take an active part in this matter. But all arrows point to the strange behavior of Rachel and her maidservant Rosanna, mystery just about ready to clear up and here it is again veiled with mist; it will take time before it will be possible to unravel the mystery and find out how the diamond went missing and who is responsible for his disappearance.

History, again, is fascinating, though I’m not a fan of detectives and, perhaps, so it seemed a little tedious. And naive – but there was fog at the time of writing. One disadvantage of solid steel and features, in principle, characteristic of English classical literature, and makes me involuntarily roll my eyes. These tons of unnecessary politeness!.. Multiline apologize for the insults that may be spoken. Oh well, I am not offended, but if you will let me say something in relation to you in advance and excuse me… And so on and so forth. This includes long-standing ideas about the distance between classes.

The author is kind and indulgent to the servant, he is a gentleman, and supports it with several good slovec some of the characters (by the way, more than level with the maid), but in General takes the situation as a mental illness. Eva! A maid and a gentleman! This does not happen. Not in terms of the possible realization of dreams, and, in principle, the occurrence of feelings. The book is downright full of such moments. Again – time, and all are accepted without difficulty. Each Chapter on anything you want to throw in the heart – “Lord, enough already!” In conclusion, it remains to highlight the positive moments. The characters include a variety of characters that can not but rejoice, the plot is not devoid of unexpected twists and turns, and although in General, rather naively, a sense tending puzzles remains until the very end.

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