the-lost-world-by-arthur-conan-doyleAn excellent example of the adventure novel, that’s just the quintessence. A young naive never smelled gunpowder journalist with the expectation to impress one lady getting into a trip to South America, on the mysterious plateau, where, according to the famous scientist, there are pterodactyls.

 It really is a great read for boys age 13, and I when I was 13-years-old, he could have rolled, but now more attention was spent on some of the features of the novel, not the story. The first thing stumbled eyes been a monstrous gaffe. The heroes got on an uncharted plateau, moving from rock to tree. The tree fell into the abyss, and remaining on the cliff Negro Challenger, communicated To the method of shouting down. Great. Way back there, chief, all is lost, universal depressed, and so on. But the next day the above Negro and the camp of the Indians quietly forward to the heroes of the bales of food for a month. HOW??? Here on this mystery I was that day, and couldn’t even sit down and write a review.

The author of the focus on this does everything, apparently, simple as day, but I have the same, still a stupor. The second feature was the brand of British humor, and I’m positive the stream drifted. Conan Doyle really subtle and funny jokes, I did not expect. Something of PG Wodehouse mixed with Darrell interspersed with Klapka Jerome. I have extremely bad memory for anecdotes and jokes, so quotes, I will not, but it was ridiculous, honestly, and I very rarely laugh over the books (cry me somehow closer, though also a rarity). Well, the last thing you noticed is her mother British delusions of grandeur and total confidence in the superiority of the Anglo-Saxon race. Although the background of the current universal tolerance is even invigorating. And sometimes happy. And partially touches.

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