the-innocents-abroad-by-mark-twainOf course this book is not for children. And it’s not funny. Easy to read and enjoyable, somewhat ridiculous reminiscent of the best humorous authors – K. Jerome and Wodehouse.

But the beauty of this book is that a very active program travelers does not give the reader bored. That is, it is not only a sitcom, but a really interesting travelogue. A lot has changed in 100 years. But something (and someone) remained exactly the same. For example, the almost complete lack of understanding of the French English speaking tourists. Or littered Naples! I was not there, but stories about the heaps of garbage often heard. And what? 100 years ago the same story. A lot of stories.

If you are interested in recent history and modernity, the book will be interesting to read it as a retrospective of the society and mores of a century ago. Especially pay attention to the journey through the Holy land. A very different state, a different territorial division. It is interesting to compare with what we have now. TWAIN still not a satirist. But some of his stuff is definitely annoyed while travelling. On the one hand – “crazy” fellow travelers, who always have to look to see all the pictures, to get in all the cracks. No pleasure from the journey. And on the other – just creepy obsession with the people of the South, particularly Arab countries. Now and then every tourist felt honored to be robbed blind. In General, the Parallels are on each page. And in the book there is a stunning bonus – visit of the Imperial family of American tourists. Read it, very interesting and unusual fact situation.

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