The book “the Prince and the pauper” was written already in the 1880-th year. Wrote a book, one of the greatest writers – Mark Twain. Starting to read this story, you will find yourself in the incredible and amazing world ruled by kings, where there is a higher world where people are starving.

The author introduces us to two different walks of life, kings and impoverished life. TWAIN in great detail describes the clothes, the manners, the architecture of the time. This helps the reader to plunge into the atmosphere of those events vividly imagine all the adventures that befall the two boys swapped places! The pauper became a Prince, and the Prince is poor! They both like the new roles! But not only have fun they will have in someone else’s skin! By the end of the book the boys will realize how difficult each other’s lives!

Many call this book a fairy tale, but in fact it is a novel based on real events, maybe a little embellished. This is the story that all is not gold that glitters. About what not in wealth happiness. That money doesn’t solve everything, and fate may at any time to shuffle the deck in an unexpected way. That we should always remember, that around you are people, with their aspirations and hopes. How ridiculous is ruled by the people those who have no idea about how lives of the people. And no matter what time of the kings in the past. Govern, write laws, make decisions, what’s the difference how you call the activities of the powerful. Strong and far from the world!

Today, the story from the series “reversed rich and poor” has become a bit hackneyed. I want to note that usually the story is about the girls or the girls. In the book, it is about the boy – the heir to the throne of England and the child, who never in my life was nothing – not even his own bed. The book is rich not only beautiful, sometimes wonderful, but horrible, nasty things. Here you will meet extraordinary generosity of the people, their heroism, but also cruelty, injustice and hypocrisy.

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