the-jungle-by-upton-sinclairWell, I had a very strong prejudice against the famous novel of the early 20th century, very social, anti-capitalist and Pro-socialist, and if not for the fact that this thing appears in several good lists, I probably would not dare. A very powerful thing.

Heavy, deep, powerful thing. The end of the novel – the utopia of socialism, in which the author plunges with the head of the protagonist, gradually depriving it of virtually everything – loved ones, family, work, livelihood, desires to live. The tragic fate of the poor family of immigrants from Lithuania to America is described perfectly, some scenes and plot moves simply brilliant.

The utopianism of the ending somehow not quite in harmony with a deeply depressive realism and grim naturalism of the novel. But the author is very passionately and sincerely believes in his proposed decision, and this sincerity is captivating. Interesting fact, Sinclair in this novel so strong and darkly depict the horrors going on in slaughterhouses, after the release of the novel has raised a huge buzz on the subject of lesopromyshlennoe, a Commission was established and her investigation eventually led to the creation of still very important the FDA the Office for quality control of food and medicines.

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