the-happy-prince-and-other-tales-by-oscar-wildeA wonderful tale by Oscar Wilde about a little boy with a cold heart, in which there was not a drop of pity. The story is about how important it is to learn to love and sacrifice themselves for the sake of a loved one. Because only love is able to transform a piece of ice into the hot human heart… In fairy tales good always triumphs over evil, and good characters find happiness.

Many writers also created their tales. Wrote stories and Oscar Wilde! Tales of Wilde’s fairy tales for adults. Each of his tales is a small tragedy. In childhood they are not recognised, attention more on the events happening with the characters than the characters and experiences of poor people (and nonhumans), inhabiting the worlds of the writer-aesthete. That’s how many times convinced – the classics should be read. Oscar Wilde, without exaggeration, the great representative of English literature.

He’s one of those writers whose works will always be relevant: in five years, and ten years later, and in a hundred years! Worth at least the same “the picture of Dorian gray” – simply, clearly, clearly – and about the main thing) Have a very pronounced educational moment. A biography of the writer, of course, disgusting, but we live in a tolerant world, where you should not condemn a man for his sexual preferences, which for many became the norm. How many disputes goes about his orientation, but it does not concern his work. Its brushwork: aged “old” English, beautiful and concise expressions in this whole Oscar Wilde. The hero of the story “star-boy” really came straight from heaven! He is in the literal sense of the words fell off of them, dragging high into the sky, the road, like a flying meteor. And was on the ground. No mother, no name, just a lonely nursing baby, ringing a cry in the dark forest at night… no One can write with such pain. In the works of no cruel and bloody scenes. They are cruel people and very fragile hope for a happy ending… Evil, so evil. Indifference to the outrageous cold. Kindness, clean, defenseless and persistent.

Surprisingly, I got sucked in the whirlpool of events that I could not put it down. Wilde knew how to write, knew how to convey their thoughts and feelings. All that was important to him, he gave in his works to us. Slightly paraphrasing, inventing characters. The author was not from an ordinary family, so that was quite educated. Well versed in fact, the correctness of the actions of men who managed the masses. I especially want to mention his signature irony that permeates many of his works – the arguments about human nature, about relationships, about life in General. Maybe sometimes he may seem cynical, but it is impossible not to admire the elegance with which the author presents his thoughts. It really want to take away the quotes and they will be quite relevant and applicable to modern realities. Perhaps this is the writer, which is missing in modern literature. He may not appeal to every reader, but to try to join his work should anyone – at least in order to understand what subtle English humor. Maybe… Maybe sometimes black, sometimes cynical

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