Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules VerneUnlike Conan Doyle, Jules Verne is not to philosophize too much, and the story in this regard is very simple. One young idler with his uncle (a mad scientist) descend into the earth, because they have learned that the way to, and throughout the book, and stagger through the caves looking for the mythical center of the Earth. Heroes in the process of waiting for a lot of travel accident, and the finale – an interesting and predictable.

But according to the readers of the book plot – not the most important. The novel is interesting because of two features. First – it is absolutely not perceived as fantastic. This is pure adventure, travel and survival, and there are no inventions and experiments. Glimpses unidentified life forms can not be considered for fiction – is unclear to begin with, not whether it primereschilos heroes, and still have all of these caves have not been studied, there is no can live. Second – this is one of the few novels of Jules Verne with a completely erroneous scientific theory. Usually anything but worked, and here worked out the idea that the Earth is hollow in the center there is something interesting, and the tunnels can get there. Although, if you look, the characters are not even close to the center approached, straying somewhere in the cortex, or descent they probably would have taken six months.

However, despite the fact that the representation of the Earth Verne cavity is not true, it surprisingly well able to describe the dungeon.

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