Adventures-of-Huckleberry-Finn«The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn» – is, in fact, a continuation of the remarkable book of Mark Twain’s «The Adventures of Tom Sawyer», only this time the unfolding events around Tom’s sidekick – Huckleberry Finn. The story about the adventures of Huck begins with the return of the hero to his adoptive widow Douglas.

The boy, who used to be free to do whatever he pleases, it is difficult to adapt to the rules established by the widow: there is need for a clear timetable, to sleep – only a bed, a table does not spin, smoking is prohibited … And after the widow sister came Miss Watson, and was Breaking Bad: this noble spinster doubled the control of “the lost sheep” Huck.

However, the person can get used to everything – and the boy gradually accustomed not only to the permanent constraints, but also to the school, which sent him caring widow.

Soon Huck peaceful life is disrupted unpleasant event: once he knocks at the breakfast table and the salt does not have time to throw a pinch of salt over your left shoulder. It should be noted that the Huckleberry – a great connoisseur of different signs, so that he soon realizes that not happened for good. And indeed, the trouble was not long in coming: the same day Huck discovers footprints around the house belonging to his shiftless father.

Realizing that soon he will have to personally meet with the parent, the boy prudently giving all the money that it owns (and there are neither more nor less, and as many as six thousand dollars!) Urban Judge Thatcher. Huck realizes that his father found him, guided not suddenly awake parental instinct and the desire for profit.

That evening, after returning home, Huck finds in his room, “the long-awaited” guest who is enraged to learn that the son does not have a huge capital. Moreover, he dares to go to school to read and write! Finn Sr. goes straight to the court – to demand justice, I mean the father reuniting with his son (and with a good amount of money). On the misfortune of Huck, the city recently arrived new judge who is not yet aware of “warm” relations in the Finn family. He opposes interference in family matters, that only plays into the hands of dishonest father, Huck. Finn-senior dogs son, kidnaps him and brings in an old hut, located deep in the forest.

Just as the first Huck could not come to terms with life on schedule at the Widow Douglas, he now can not get used to finding cooped up battered and permanent “favorite” father. However, an old memory makes itself felt, and eventually so Huck becomes accustomed to the new way of life that begins to feel completely comfortable. If it was not an attack of delirium tremens, during which my father almost killed the frightened boy, hardly dared to Huck to escape. But to risk their lives Huckleberry Finn is no longer wanted, so he poraskinuv brains, is a great plan for a return to a free life.

As a precaution collect all the things that might be needed, Huck fakes his murder and sent to the shuttle directly to Jackson’s Island, known to the reader from the book “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.”

Huck was sure that he would become the sole owner of the island, but its a surprise – a meeting with the runaway nigger Jim (Douglas belonged to the sister of the widow, Miss Watson). However, we can not say that the appearance of a “co-owner” upset the boy, on the contrary, he was glad that now he will not be so sad and lonely. Jim tells his story Geku: he escaped from the hostess to find out that she was going to sell his slaver from the South.

Along the way, we learn that in the knowledge of the people’s will, Jim Huckleberry give a hundred points: wise Negro knows and sings about the chickens, and about a tablecloth, and about the bees, and about hair on the chest, and about the snake skin. Incidentally, the unfortunate snake skin, which found Huck has become, according to Jim, the cause of all misfortunes, later happened to the escapees.

Geku and Jim will make a long journey, during which they will meet fellow travelers noble birth, will witness the blood feuds of two American families will take part in the division of inheritance among the three sisters and, in the end, will meet an old friend Huck – Tom Sawyer … About how dare the company to cope with all the dangers and difficulties, read the book “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.”

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