swanns-way-by-marcel-proustWhat is good about modernism its French founder of Marcel Proust is his sweetness and beauty and big, sad, melancholic, cutting glass sense and style. And like any such work, this book is divided into several parts, which are unified, but fragmented rebus, penetrating completely all problems of the characters, the motives of their fate – all streams of consciousness elaborate French classics.

Main theme: loneliness, love, childhood and youth, childish Proust and the family Swinnow nearby. Love the main character and parallel with Swann. “Swann’s Way” – the history of his peculiar wife, who with all his being symbolizes sin and fallen nature, but a very welcome still women. The taste of the food, drink and the smell of Bois de Boulogne added a lot of bright, saturated and natural colors in our narrative. And the perversion of the mind and the perversity of relationships create urgency provisions that painful stifle the soul and mind are different but close to each other characters. Painful desire of some characters to increase the attraction of others to their bright desirable persons, and the main love interest in the novel is clearly drawn.

All the pain, loneliness and suffering brewing and originally have their roots from childhood. This is simultaneously a longing for the past, and nostalgia, and the perception of the past through the prism of the present of the present, and not looking at the side of the Swan all the faces and the images are quite different. Marcel Proust shows not just every character, and illustrates all the changes in the attitude of his always the main “I” character, which in connection with psychological and physiological changes will never be the other.

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