the-idiot-by-fyodor-dostoyevskyThe simplest situation to come for legacy to Russia from abroad. In General, to get the money. Got knocked back. And all? Where there. It’s Dostoevsky. Because “who of his land abandoned, and that from faith.” However, “Russia” is a mostly local women. Two things left an indelible mark in the life of Dostoevsky, as well as Prince Myshkin, is a failed penalty plus years of exile and epilepsy. Epileptic is the barometer of society. His seizures – an indication that something is wrong.

Came from the banks of the Amur – remember, the society you are moving in the semantic dead end. The epileptic feels the pressure of society, his whole being concentrated on each day and he is not a fighter. He had no instruments traditional to survival, be it wild or adventurous. He was given to see and understand, without losing the human form. Memory, which partially deprived epileptic, allowing him to remember the basic life shit, so it retains some originality. As a child who has nothing to remember or some old lady, God dandelion, which has no memory. The company of charming monsters in most of Dostoevsky’s works is a good foil for the main character. In “The Idiot” especially because Myshkin and so white crow, but compared to others it looks like a white ostrich. A gentle picture – the angel and cattle. The horror of what is written-it is everything by Dostoevsky and it is clear that all of his characters he really likes. And, more terrifyingly, aware. About the dark recesses of the soul of the author, despite the many fat volumes of his works, we can only guess. The identity of the author is always obscured by all-consuming love for every creature of the earth and morbid piety. The phrase “losing faith” proof. And the faith to be bigoted. And who is afraid to lose her, that he it invented for himself.

To analyze all of it with difficulty, because the nature is quite contradictory and too insecure, and the person is in the basement under lock and key. On opening the seven locks (“Crime and punishment”, “Karamazov Brothers”, “Stepanchikovo Village”, etc.), with the help of the senses to experience something truly dark in the Adolescent. Over time the work became, the characters are old friends, but the perception every time a new. Found such places in “the idiot”, which was not suspected. For example, the criticism Dostoevsky ordinary people enjoying life the results of someone else’s creative work. How relevant and profound. The male imagery in Dostoevsky always was suicidal. They all had a sigh, suffer and marking time. Apparently, this author sees the mysterious Russian soul.

What is so offended General Yepanchin in their previous lives, that God gave his three daughters? However, he is not the only one Martyr, it is enough to remember dad Bennett or Gerald O’Hara. But to give Aglaia for the Prince I would not risk initially due to the family relationship in conjunction with obvious signs of degeneration. The recipe with Prince Myshkin is quite simple – bovines all sins, set himself a Martyr, suffer, and show the account number. Well, or married – depending on gender and preferences. Where to find them, these princes. The tragic ending is logical and confirms that the space for of Myshkin in our society there. In relations with Nastasya Filippovna don’t need to wait for the time when you’ll the slate, and to drive them barefoot in the cold. Or quenching so that no one has found. The murder of a woman in principle, I suppose, but not in my life. That is – you need to understand that can kill you, but to do something like that is stupid and pointless.

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