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Young woman suffering from a nervous breakdown, arrives with her husband in the house in a quiet area in order to be healed. But in this house it starts to happen something strange. And all because the husband does not want to listen to her, when his wife asks him to change the room.

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Absolutely repulsive, faceless, oppressive, suffocating room with yellow wallpaper and barred windows. The color is so nasty that it begins to cause hallucinations. Figure deforms, flowing from one form to another, starts a game of shadows, consuming the mind. For each feature, the usual bending seems something unimaginable, are distinct figures, faces, you hear a peculiar smell, eyes focused on something specific, slowly turning the vision into tangible dense substance…

“The Yellow Wallpaper is a story with total immersion in a tantrum. Him get claustrophobic, breath stuck in the throat, eager to get out, get out of the invisible, but clearly tangible clutches of the horror that is stronger and more compressed on a slender neck of a woman. The husband had locked her in this terrible room (with the best of intentions). Forbidding her to write, to read, to do something to occupy your free time. And, besides, strongly urges that she did not get out of bed. There’s even the healthiest person will go mad, not to mention the woman with exhausted nerves.

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Although the story “The Yellow Wallpaper” (original title: “The Yellow Wall-paper. A Story”) was not the first or the largest of the works of Charlotte, without a doubt it became a bestseller, “The Feminist Press”. The story was written in just two days, 6-7 June, 1890, the Charlotte house in Pasadena and was printed a year and a half since the first publication in “The New England Magazine” in January 1892. Since the first publication of the story was anthologization in numerous editions women’s literature, American literature, and textbooks, though not always in its original form.

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