jane-austen-emmaThe main heroine of the novel Emma is young, rich, noble, well-born. She doesn’t have the strength, perseverance and, apparently, the desire to do something seriously. As a result, she does not possess the talents, the ordinary paints, ordinary plays piano and sings.

Jane Austen mocks her the heroine , mocking her arrogance, a certain amount of conceit. Emma, not being able to understand people, likes to get involved in someone else’s life. Thinks she’s a perceptive girl, she tries to matchmake of people not paying attention to their feelings, their desires and opinions. These attempts fail and Emma deceived in their expectations constantly.

But with each new mistake she humbles her vanity, lose the pride, learns to appreciate the true feelings and reject the flattery becomes more tolerant, more forgiving to people. Around her, people, influencing her, improve her character and personality for the better, helping her to sort herself out.

In General, images of minor characters, the author succeeded to fame: Mr. Knightley, educated, educated, noble, prudent, wise in judgment, appears to be the ideal man; Mr. and Mrs. Elton, embodying the arrogance and arrogance, obsession and rudeness, sharpen some of the qualities of Emma.

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Emma by Jane Austen
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All the characters are realistic, their features noticed very precisely, with a deep knowledge of psychology. They represent the types of characters that you learn in our days. So: the novel is interesting and very long.

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